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Chris. I sent you an email a week ago asking what my china is worth...
I answer them on occasion. It is a hobbyist site. I have a couple of jobs so free time is dear. I love the emails and always try to catch up with them. Be patient and I should get to it. If it has been a couple of weeks, do not feel guilty or pushy if you email me a second time.
How old is my china?
I only know what is on my date code page. If it ain't there, email me and I'll try and tell you the same thing by return email.
Chris, what kind of music do you play?
I like the Rolling Stones and old blues artists.
How long has the Museum been in business?
About 4 or 5 years. It started as a member page at AOL. I no longer have that AOL account. I had a primitive digital camera (the first one Kodak made) and took pictures of 10 pieces of china on my washing machine. I was just learning about computers at the time and it gave me an excuse to write up and learn how to make a web page. A few people found the site and next thing you know I have a domain registered and I am backlogged on emails.
Can I send you photos to put on your web site?
I love putting other peoples pictures on the site but lately as much as I want to do it, I just don't have the time to go in there and modify the pages. I strongly suggest atarting a web page for yourself and then sending me the link. In the 4 or 5 years I have been doing this, I am surprised that more people haven't done this. It is very rewarding after you have it up and running.
So why restaurant china?
A girlfriend of mine was an antique dealer and we used to spend every weekend at the local (Los Angeles area) swap meets. I wasn't collecting anything but liked the look and feel of this china and since all I was doing was standing around looking silly, I decided to start making some purchases of my own. Actually, right before this, we had gone to a gallery exhibition at the Bergamot Station Galleries in Santa Monica, CA which was about collectors and their collections. There was a small area of airbrushed Tepco china and I was hooked. Also I had been a cook and always liked the heavy Syracuse China plates that our kitchen used.
I like your Museum. Do you have a shop or other location open to the public?
For about two months I actually rented and started working on a public space but I had no idea how expensive it was going to be to create, build and maintain so I got out of it. That was a couple of years ago. Since that time, I have sold 95% of all of my china. I am having an early mid-life crisis and want to be more mobile. The ton of china was quite the anchor. In a few years I may seriously consider opening a museum and purchasing premium pieces to display there. In the meantime, Steve Aimone has done an amazing job with his Cup of the Day site and I especially like the way he details the backstamp information. A most informative site!!! Also, I Strongly recommend joining the Restaurant Collectors Network. Often when I do not recognize a piece, I post a message in the bulletin boards there (or suggest it to the person seeking the information) and within days, the answer is posted up!!! JOIN NOW!!! It is free. And of course, YOU HAVE TO OWN Barbara Conroy's two books on Restaurant China!!! It is a wealth of information and if it should ever go out of print, you will in the dark!!!! She has her home page here: Barbara Conroy; Author Extraordinaire
Good luck with your china hunting! Enjoy life. Chris (The Little Spoon)
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