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Syracuse Econo Rim
shape introduced in 1933

A type of Syracuse China easily identifiable by the raised edging that is formed around the rim of the piece. Was used quite often in railroad china. The idea behind it was to make smaller sized dishes which could hold larger quantities of food for use on Railroad dining cars were space was at a premium. Pieces were made and sold to the general restaurant marketplace as well.


Kim and I are both curious where this piece was used. If anyone knows can they pleae email Kim?
I think it looks like a railroad china piece since there is a definate train near the bottom of the plate. One of you must recognize it.
From the collection of Kim Martinez who sells on Ebay as Domingafri
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These mugs interestingly don't seem to have this raised area around the lip but they do have a distinctive molded shape, especially the handle which is bent as a sort of finger grip. Also, these mugs tend to be thicker and heavier then almost any of the other commercial china mugs you run into with the exception of some Shenango China mugs which also curiously have similar 'two-finger-grip-shaped' handles.
See the Shenango China page for examples.

Demitasse western themed - I have forgotten the pattern name - about $50-$75 per set.


Chicken in the Rough Demitasse Cup & Saucer


Chicken in the Rough Sugar Bowl
1953 date code: 9 HH It's 3 1/8" high. Chicken in the Rough was based in Oklahoma City and stretched across the country.

Spoon      Spoon

Missouri Room plate
1948 date code: 4CC

Spoon      Spoon

The Flame 10 1/2" plate with a rooster logo
1948 date code: 11CC

Spoon      Spoon      Spoon

Hangar Six plate - Texas WWII Flight School...Uvalde, Texas
Hangar Six was a primary flight school during WWII. It was civilian owned and the flight instructors were civilian. The school had a small cadre of Air Corps personnel for administrative purposes and a sprinkling of military pilots to give periodic proficiency check rides to the student pilots

This cereal shows the bumpy edge work but unfortunately the picture quality overall is a bit low. Time to reshoot the collection, of course. This cereal bowl is in the Milwaukee Traveler pattern. I guess that was the name of the railroad line it was used on. I believe these run approximately $35 a piece.

Another poor quality jpeg but hopefully you can see the edging. This 9 plate generally runs between $50-$80 depending on condition. But does it really make any sense to bar-b-que just the head???

From the collection of Kathleen Lathom
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From the collection of Kathleen Lathom
Click Here to view Kathleen Lathom's current Ebay auctions


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