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Date Code Backstamps for Restaurant China

Following are date codes for Jackson, Mayer, Shenango, Syracuse, Sterling, and Wallace China Companies. These dates were applied at the time of manufacture to remind the commercial customer of the quality and longevity of the china. Some of my best Syracuse pieces are over 40 years old and look brand new. I will be adding more companies to this list as I find the keys to the codes. If anyone out there help out, email me at: It would be great to share as much information as possible.

Jackson China Dates

Pretty simple: Letter on back corresponds to the year in the table. Notice that the letters repeat at the year 1977. I can't verify the accuracy of this table at the moment but I'm working on it.
B1952N 1964Z1976
F1956R1968D 1980
H 1958T1970F1982
I1959U1971 G1983

Mayer China

Piece of cake. The last two numbers are the year of manufacture, i.e., 355 is 1955.

Shenango China

First column is the year of manufacture. Second column is a number which represents the year of manufacture in the backstamp. The Third and Fourth columns are letters which represent whether the plate was made between January-June (column 3) or July-December (column 4).
Example:    20A = July-Dec/1962
I guess the point was if the diner turned the plate over and saw it was made thirty years ago, that may indicate that the meatloaf was possible old as well so the codes kept the nosy from the truth.
195210OC1961 19YL197028UA
195715U H196624PE197533ZF

Sterling China

The following datecode information was submitted originally by Randy Flowerday He actually got this information by contacting the company directly. They are still in business. After a couple of computer crashes I lost his original date codes and found a copy somewhere else which I present to you now. It is a bit fuzzy but maybe eventually I will rescan it. Again, maybe you could call Sterling and get the info for yourself. They are on my phone number page. Enjoy.

Syracuse China

On Econo-Rim and Syracuse China there are date codes that were put there to remind the institutional customer of how long their china has lasted. As proof of the durability of vitrified china, my oldest pieces dating back to the late forties look the least for wear. I had assumed they were from the late seventies!!! Originally the company started with letters and then double letters. They switched to using numbers for the year and a letter to denote the month of manufacture in 1960. Here is an incomplete list of codes...
1931L1936Q1941V 1946AA1951FF1956KK

When they switched to numbers, letters were used to designate the month of manufacture. (example: 90-C stands for March, 1961)
Jan-A Feb-B Mar-C Apr-D May-E Jun-F Jul-G Aug-H Sep-I Oct-J Nov-K Dec-L
1960891962911964931966951968 97197099

I believe the company started over with the number 4 in 1975 ie 1976=5, 1977=6, etc.

Walker China

Another piece of cake...Just add 1922 to the number found on the bottom of the dish.
Example: 39 = 1961. Enjoy!

Wallace China

Thank You Jack Chipman...Everyone buy this guy's books!!! Researcher unsurpassed!!!
Warning: I have been told that these dates may not be accurate. But I have no way to verify them so user Beware!!!
2=Jan, 3=April, 4=May, 5=Feb, 6=June, 7=March, 8=July, 9=Nov, 10=Dec, 11=Sept, 12=Aug, 14=Oct Year: (to 1956)
A=1931, B='32, C='33, D='34, E='35, F='36, G='37, H='38, I='39, J='40, K='41, L='42, M='43, N='44, O='45, Z='46, Y='47, W='48, V='49, X='50, S='51, Q='52, P='53, U='54, T='55, R='56
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