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Adobe Ware by Syracuse China

First appears in the early 1930s. Some pieces used for Railroad China though I am not knowledgeable enough to tell you which ones.

Hooray! Someone donated two jpegs! A backstamp and a very famous logo piece; Chicken in the Rough. His name is George and he is a collector of Amusement Park and Theme Park China. Very cool!!!

Adobe Ware by Syracuse China

Thanks George! Wish I was a real museum so I could give you a tax write off.

Adobe Ware by Syracuse China

Nice clear shot of the backstamp 12-EE which translates to a 1950 manufacture date. I see these Chicken in the Rough pieces quite often. I guess golfers are pretty into them in a sort of cross collectible way. 90% of the pieces I have seen are in this tan coloring. I think I owned a white bread plate at one time (still might for all I can remember).

This one sold on Ebay in 2000 for $91. They rarely go for less then $75.

Photo donated by George (jester-king on Ebay).

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